WILLAct Merge With Magic Maidstone

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WILLAct have joined forces with MAGIC MAIDSTONE. We are BOTH determined to campaign for a fairer, more just and equal MAIDSTONE.

Traffic congestion, pollution, time spent and wasted in traffic  across the entire area requires a new direction. The status quo simply doesn’t work. Join us on MAGIC MAIDSTONE  …if you too want change.


Thank you for your support and we hope you’ll join us on MAGIC MAIDSTONE.

Onwards & Upwards …Never Change Our Minds!



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Pleased to confirm a meeting was held yesterday to progress the SOUTH EAST MAIDSTONE RELIEF ROAD.
Both Helens our MPs
The Leaders, Senior Cllrs and Officers of both KCC and MBC.
Onwards & Upwards!


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“South East Maidstone Relief Road Update”
Am pleased to announce that following a short delay the investigative works necessary as part of developing the data to support the Relief Road will now be moving ahead at a pace. These are the works that were referred to by the Director of Highways at the Public Meeting I held at the Great Danes before Christmas.
Disappointingly – the delay was due to a reluctance on the part of the Liberal Democrat controlled Borough Council to release the funds from S106 monies. This as well as causing delay meant that KCC officers had to spend time and effort in demonstrating and persuading MBC that the use of these funds for this purpose is perfectly legitimate.
Happily now resolved and we can get on with the work to demonstrate the benefits of a South East Maidstone Relief Road to not only Leeds and Langley but also to the wider communities affected by the congestion in South East Maidstone and with that information we will make the case for the Relief Road and secure funding from Central Govt.”



Looking Good-BUT WE MUST keep up the pressure!

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A note to cheer you all!
At the JTB meeting July 2017, it was stated KCC have a good record on sourcing funds.
We’ve no doubt the feasibility studies will prove positive, we ALL look forward to KCC sourcing the funds from the numerous pots available for bidding.

WILLAct Supporting The Relief Road

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“Supporting The Relief Road” to serve ALL in S/SE Maidstone, the town centre and further afield has always been paramount. This remains our goal.

Apart from the MBC Elections on May 3rd, there’s little to report at present. Work continues behind the scenes for the RR, gathering evidence for need, then it’ll be sourcing the funding. The HARD part!

Unless anything particularly newsworthy crops up on the RR front, there’s very little to report at present.

Please remember this is YOUR site to post photos, comments, thanks, moans and groans! To ask questions and seek information from each other.

WILLAct – Supporting The Relief Road.